Recent Presentations

I've given a number of presentations recently that are available at various places on the internet. I thought I should take a moment to catalog them in case people are interested in them.

Web-Based Engineering Analysis

Length: 20 minutes

This talk focuses on the possibilities that are enabled by FMI and uses Xogeny's FMQ platform to demonstrate the role that FMI can play in model deployment.

Modelica and Model Deployment

Length: 45 minutes

This talk was given at the "NAFEMS/INCOSE System Modeling and Simulation Working Group Meeting". It includes some introduction to the topics of Modelica and model deployment. It is a fairly high-level talk about how Modelica, as a technology, fits into the industrial system engineering process.

FMQ Platform

Length: 20 minutes

This talk was taken at the 2013 Detroit FMI Tech Day. So for this presentation, I talked about how the FMQ platform uses FMI to provide customers with a path to cloud based simulation and web-based engineering applications.

The content of this talk is very similar to that of my Web-Based Engineering Analysis talk above.

You can find all the videos from the 2013 Detroit FMI Tech Day here.

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